"It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child." Pablo Picasso
2nd Children Summit
2nd Children’s Summit on Hands on Science and Environmental Education (HSCI-EE-2) was held within the frame of International Hands on Science Network Activities on May 17, 2014 at ÇEK 3 Mart Educational Institutions, Bursa, Turkey.

Same as the 1st Children’s Summit, S.O.S. Schools were the main delegates of the 2nd Summit. The number of delegate schools was about 40. Participants consisting of mainly children, teachers, parents, locals and invited educators delivered many presentations, conducted interesting workshops and performed several demonstrations.

Dr. Iryna Berezovska from Ternopil University with teachers Ms. Halyna Polovnikova, Ms. Ella Sokotnyuk and Ukranian students were the invited participants from Ukraine to the 2nd Children’s Summit . The topic that Dr. Berezovska had chosen for her workshop was "Let's Do Science with PC". "Let's Make Our World Greener" was another presentation topic that was chosen by Ms. Ella Sokotnyuk.

The student group from Ukraine performed many activities at the Summit . Ukrainian students also made a beautiful traditional dance show at stage together with their peers from Bursa school. Kindergarteners and 1st graders who were the youngest participants from different parts of the country to the Summit performed a united fashion show representing a variety of species they had studied all year long within the frame of S.O.S. Project. This activity attracted large number of visitors.

Some of the presentations and shows that took place at parallel sessions at Summit are; “Magic Science Shows from Scientific Children”, Blue Dreams Interactive Arts Street”, Mind Games Stand”, “Robotics”, “Technology Use in Science”, “Science Story of Ceramics”, “Let’s Build Homes Filled with Love”, “Astronomy Workshop”, “Underwater Illuminated Show”, “Playground for Disabled Children”, ”Endangered Species in Turkey and in Europe ”.

The certificates of delegate students and teachers were delivered to them by Summit Coordinator Nilgün Erentay on behalf of Prof. Manuel Costa with a ceremony in the garden. The Summit ended with an S.O.S Song and rithym show with the participation of all children and teachers joyusly.